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About Us

ABEERCLUB began as a simple idea in 1997 when two guys playing chess and drinking beer wished they had a place to talk about beer with other people who love beer.  As craft beer enthusiasts living in Eugene, George and Jenny Keim noticed that the best thing about craft beer is the people, and founded ABEERCLUB to provide a place for the people, to enjoy the beer, and the company of like-minded. Every beer is an experience, and every experience is an adventure. We all love beer, it’s been bringing people together for a long time, and now, at ABEERCLUB, there is a place in Eugene to talk about the experiences and adventures we call Craft BEER!

With our focus on the beer, and the people, it is our intention to start small, and stay small, so that our values are not compromised.

ABEERCLUB offers memberships, but we believe that beer friends are the best friends, and we strive to be all-inclusive, honest, fair and respectful to everyone in our community.

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